Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Witching Hour

So many of my favourite shows and movies have witches in them: Bewitched, The Craft, Sabrina the teenage witch, Practical Magic, Charmed, The Vampire Diaries, Hocus Pocus, The Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter just to name a few.

I was very excited to see there was a swap over at Pocket Letter Pals with the witch theme.  I found heaps of pictures, spells, quotes, a paper doll, even a oija board planchette!

This is the front of the pocket letter

This is the back of the pocket letter

These are some of the extras - I made little test tubes with faux lavender and phoenix feathers inside.

I crumpled up some paper and glued it to the top of the tubes and then wrapped it in twine.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Herman and Lily have arrived

Gosh I love this show, and have decided to create a whole pocket letter for them, for an upcoming Halloween PL swap.

I created 18 cards, a set of 4 paperclips, a large tag and goodies.

There's even a surprise in the staircase!

Aren't they awesome!  I would love for this show to still be on!  I mixed colour with black and white pictures and made the centre picture interactive.

These are the back pockets.  I inked around all the edges with black ink, and matt each picture on green cardstock.

Here's the surprise under the staircase - the Munster's pet dinosaur Spot!

Some of the goodies (there will be more in the pockets)

The set of paperclips - Herman, Lily, Eddie and Grandpa

Sunday, 18 September 2016

An Outlander Pocket Letter

There is one show I am obsessed with at the moment and that's Outlander.  I was a little late to the party and had to binge watch Season 1 just in time for Season 2 to begin.  I've also started to read the books and am up to Voyager.  I was asked to do an Outlander swap and have really enjoyed creating this pocket letter and all the goodies.  There are so many wonderful photos to choose from, it was hard to pick just 18!

I tried to include all my favourite characters in both sides of the pocket letter, and adhered them to green cardstock.  I added some ribbon, the Clan Fraser rock and the title song words.

This is the back with map, letter and more great photos.

I've included all of these goodies - paperclips made by me, a dragonfly in amber, Fraser crest, door hanger, Jamie's dirk and cards.

I can't wait for Season 3!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Game of Thrones Pocket Letter

This is one of my favourite shows, and I can't wait for it to come back on!  Game of Thrones has so many stories intertwined in the show that you can have several favourite characters at once - but don't get too attached, cause anyone can die at a moment's notice - yes even the good looking lead character!

I used black Bazzill cardstock to matt photos of many of the characters in the show.  I also used pop vinyl figures to create paper clips.  I had a GOT charm set in my stash that I've been waiting to use for ages, and finally got to with this pocket letter.

I hated Joffrey with a passion, so I added a target with the velvet ribbon. I also added gems to the border of the pocket letter and the glittered letters G O T for Game of Thrones.

More characters on the back of the pocket letter.

A close up of the throne of swords.

The paper clips - Daenerys has a crown charm and John Snow has a sword charm.